How to use the COGCC website

This page is dedicated to explaining and exploring the COGCC website, which has been notorious for its difficulty of use, unresponsiveness to complaints about the industry, and lack of cooperation with the broader public. We see this as part of our mission to see that the implementation of SB-181 in Larimer County is done to the full intent and spirit of the law.

Before the passage of SB-181 in April 2019, the COGCC website functioned primarily to only serve the oil & gas industry; since then, it has been slowly changing to serve the new mission of the COGCC: to protect the health and safety of the public and the environment from the oil & gas industry, rather than just fostering the industry. We do not expect this change to happen soon or easily, but have started this blog to communicate to the public how to better understand the COGCC website to access the information they need.

The posts will hopefully allow more of the public to use the website to answer their own questions based on the guidance they find here; to stimulate discussion on the Larimer Alliance listserv about issues with the COGCC website; and, perhaps, communicate back to the COGCC some suggestions on to improve their website.

(last updated: 10/10/20 )

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) SECTION

All directions below start from the COGCC homepage:

How can I find out what oil & gas wells are near me?

You can use your postal address. Click Maps > "Click HERE to access interactive map" > click 'Address Search ' in menu (see graphic below) > in popup window, enter address, city, zip & click 'Address Search' > a map will return with wells located on it. (Manipulate the map (scroll/move/zoom) to get your area of interest)