History of Communication

This page is a log of the formal requests of the Larimer Alliance to the BOCC and their responses:

March 7, 2020: the Larimer Alliance published its critique of the BOCC's proposed Oil & Gas Regulations for Larimer County, which the Alliance considers seriously deficient; to see why, read here: Comments by Larimer Alliance on proposed oil & gas regulations, published on March 7, 2020

Nov 21, 2019: LOGIC and Larimer Alliance sent a joint letter to the BOCC, 18 pages long, which specified in detail our disagreements with the proposed regulations: see

Joint Larimer Alliance-LOGIC comments on Proposed Oil & Gas Regulations

Oct 16, 2019: the BOCC responded with a copy of their letter to Rick Casey, because he attended a BOCC Tuesday morning Oct 15, 2019 meeting, and pointed out the error about the letter missing on their website (described below). The letter basically states "we (the BOCC) do not believe...that suspending applications [i.e. drilling permits] is necessary..." To read the entire letter, see here.

Sept 10, 2019: the BOCC issued a formal response to the Alliance letter of 8/20/19. They did not respond in a letter, as was requested; instead, they had staff member Laurie Kadrich, Director of Community Planning, Infrastructure and Resources, prepare a letter, and read it during the meeting. The BOCC effectively denied the request for a moratorium -- but for rather flimsy reasons, based on bureaucratic technicalities, not on any strong moral or legal grounds.

The letter from Ms Kadrich is available on the BOCC website of past meetings; that agenda is here: https://apps.larimer.org/bcc/agenda_20190910.htm

the response, backdated to Sept 10, 2019 and signed by Tom Donnelly, basically repeats the response of the Commissioners: "that....suspending applications....is not necessary."

The audio recording of the meeting can be heard here, where the topic starts being discussed at about 40 minutes into the meeting.

Aug 22, 2019: The office of the BOCC sent their response in an email to the Larimer Alliance.

Aug 20, 2019: the Larimer Alliance submitted a formal request to impose a moratorium on any new drilling until the COGCC has completed its rulemaking to comply with SB-181. Read the letter here.