Overall Map of O&G wells in Larimer County

This image is strictly cosmetic, and is only meant to give a general idea of where O&G wells (of all types) are located in the county (outlined by the dotted black line). These are mostly clustered in the southeast, but with three pockets of clusters north of Ft Collins. The blue squares and identifying codes are the Township-Range-Section notation, approximately a square mile, the traditional location method used by the oil and gas industry in the American West. The system originated with the Public Land Survey System, which is now administered by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management); this is explained at wikipedia for those interested in history.

If you want to see the COGCC interactive map from these data are taken, see here: https://cogccmap.state.co.us/cogcc_gis_online/ Be warned that the map is difficult to use at first; taking the time to familiarize yourself with the tool bar, and what the tools can do.

Because the COGCC interactive map is so hard to use, the most significant categories of wells in the county have been reconstructed on the maps here, which are much easier to use (constructed using Google Maps).