Maps of O&G wells in Larimer County


The maps (see links below) are interactive, meaning you can control the view you see; these are the controls you can use:

  • To zoom in: click the + icon

  • To zoom out: click the - icon

  • To scroll the map: click and hold your mouse button, and move your mouse in the direction you want the map to move.

  • To see the data associated with wells: see the URL in the map description. Click a map marker will show you the API # for the well; use that to locate the well in the associated data table. The API# is the second column from the left.

  • If the map is zoomed out when it first appears, simply zoom in.

API stands for the American Petroleum Institute, the largest trade association for the O&G industry


All data was taken from the COGCC website on May 18, 2020, from the Daily Dashboard webpage. There are 10 categories of wells; 6 categories are shown on maps below:

  • Maps are shown for the following categories (with total number of wells) :

    • Producing Wells: 113

    • Injection Wells: 24

    • Drilling but not Completed Wells: 32

    • Temporarily Abandoned Wells: 21

    • Approved To Drill: 2

    • Gas Wells: 1

  • The other categories of wells NOT shown are:

    • Abandoned Locations: 101

    • Dry & Abandoned: 150

    • Plugged & Abandoned: 244

    • Shut-in Wells: 78


Each map was produced from a data table; access to the data table is provided via a URL that is shown with each map (on

When you click on that URL, it will bring up the data, but to use the data, it is best to click the icon at the top center, to 'View in Google Sheets', which will allow you to download the data, and otherwise peruse the data at will.