Important Govt Links

This page is reserved for important websites for government agencies that are relevant to the mission of the Larimer Alliance:

Larimer County Commissioners

Becoming familiar with the three commissioners, and the role they play in the governing of the county, will be helpful if you to speak at their public meetings, which are held every Tuesday morning, 9am, at the Larimer County Courthouse, 200 West Oak, Suite 2200, Fort Collins, CO

The BOCC response

At the meeting of the Commissioners on August 20, 2019, the Larimer Alliance made a formal request that the Commissioners suspend all drilling permits until the COGCC has completed its own new rulemaking as a consequence of SB-181. The Commissioners responded on September 10, 2019, saying no, they will not do so. You can read their response here.

Oil & Gas Task Force

The Oil & Gas Task Force is a result of the SB-181; the county commissioners decided to react by creating this body. However, how the task force was formed has become controversial.

The following links are from the Larimer County Commissioners website mentioned above, but are provided here for convenience to go directly to them:

  • Oil & Gas Task Regulation in the county: all the general rules. Check here for updates on how SB-181 will be implemented.
  • Oil & Gas Task Force: This page contains the task force charter and the bios on the 15 members. Therein is the information that shows how 10 of the 15 members have ties to the oil & gas industry.

Larimer Alliance & LOGIC's response to the proposed Oil & Gas Regulations:

November 21, 2019: The following two documents are the formal response by LOGIC (League of Oil & Gas Impacted Coloradoans) and the Larimer Alliance to the recent proposed oil and gas regulations that were were issued by the Larimer County Planning Department:

Comments on Oil & Gas Regulations by the Larimer Alliance and LOGIC

Executive Summary of the draft Oil & Gas Regulations by the Larimer Alliance and LOGIC

Interactive well permit map from the Denver Post

Somewhat easier to use than the COGCC interactive map but shows only limited data about existing and pending wells

The Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC)

This commission will be one of the key state level government branches dealing with the implementation of SB-181.

The above page announces their meetings. They have pledged to hold meetings across the state to support implementation of SB-181 to protect the health and safety of Colorado citizens and the environment.

Our Congressional representatives' contact information:

(under development...)

US Senators:

Michael Bennett, Democrate, (202) 224-5852, homepage. Term expires:

  • Local office:

Cory Gardner, Republican, (202) 224-5941, homepage. Term expires:

  • Local office: 2001 S. Shields Street, Building H, Suite 104, Fort Collins, CO 80526, (970) 484-3502

US House of Representatives:

Joe Neguse, Democrat, (202) 225-2161, homepage. Term expires:

Map of Colorado Congressional districts on wikipedia. Larimer County is in District 2.