Air Quality Monitors

This page is dedicated to the air quality monitoring stations in the Front Range. It is starting with the Boulder Resevoir station, the Longmont monitors and the older monitors operated by CDPHE. The new Broomfield station will be added soon. The Alliance is pushing for such monitors to be placed in Larimer County as well, so that we, the citizens, can know exactly what is causing our ozone air pollution.

CDPHE Air Quality Monitors

This is the main page for the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment's air quality monitors, which are concentrated on Denver and the Front Range. They provide daily ratings of ozone, particulates and other indicators, but were built with older technology than the Boulder monitor.

Boulder Reservoir

This is the first station installed by INSTAAR at the request of Boulder County in 2017. The link below shows the webpage that displays the data being recorded in real time. While this information is technical, and not too understandable to the lay public, more interpretative reports that give meaning to the data will be added in the future.


Longmont installed its own INSTAAR-based air quality monitors that went online in spring 2020. They have two monitors, one to the east and one to the west of town. Be sure to check out the various tabs on the page, which offer more insight, shows graphs of the data, etc.