Current Issues

This current issues page is dedicated to what the Alliance is working on at the moment. Though our overriding mission is the correct implementation of SB-181, there are going to be distinct, separate issues on the way to that goal. This page will keep you informed on what the most current issues are.

Comments by Colorado Rising and LOGIC on new regulations passed by the Commissioners

April 12, 2020

The Larimer County Commissioners passed into law their new regulations for the oil and gas industry on April 6, 2020, over strenuous protest by the Alliance to postpone the meeting due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Alliance considers this an undemocratic and ill advised action, and had requested the Commissioners delay until the state rulemaking regarding SB-181 is completed in June 2020.

In addition, two other allied groups, LOGIC and Colorado Rising were in agreement with us. Both groups have attorneys on staff who are aware of the legal issues involved, and agreed to review the proposed regulations prior to that fateful meeting. They both sent letters to the Commissioners, which specified in detail why the proposed regulations were inadequate, and why they should not pass them at the time. Those letters are now published here for the public to read:

Letter to the Commissioners from LOGIC, League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradoans, March 5, 2020

Letter to the Commissioners from Colorado Rising, April 3, 2020

Larimer County Commissioners Publish Its First Oil & Gas Regulations under SB-181:

March 2020

With the publication of its final draft of its proposed regulations of oil & gas operations in the county under SB-181, the Alliance has reviewed them and found them severely wanting. As well, the Alliance has joined forces with two of the other most prominent organizations fighting against fracking in the state, namely Colorado Rising and LOGIC, the League of Oil & Gas Impacted Coloradoans. Below are their comments on the new regulations that were created by the Larimer County Oil & Gas Task Force, at the direction of the County Commissioners.

Read responses here about what these organizations said about these proposed regulations:

LOGIC, League of Oil & Gas Impacted Citizens, Feb 14, 2020

Colorado Rising, Jan 24, 2020

Combined LOGIC & Larimer Alliance comments, Feb 14, 2020