O&G in northeast FoCo

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MANY POSTS ON THIS TOPIC AT OUR BLOG! To see the posts on the Larimer Alliance Blog, just click this link, which will show you the posts about Prospect Energy, the main O&G company that is operating this in area.

This was the major story in the Coloradoan, Fort Collin's only newspaper, on Feb 3, 2022, about the flagrant air pollution from the specific storage tanks that had been plaguing residents in this neighborhood in northern Fort Collins:

The article names the corporation responsible, Prospect Energy, and interviews its owner, Ward Giltner. As well, the reporter, Jacy Marmaduke, interviews nearby resident Von Bortz, who has complained for months to state regulators about the persistent and toxic fumes from the tanks. The videographer Andrew Klooster, who made the videos shown above, is also interviewed.