The Unicorn well

The Larimer Alliance is concerned about a new well drilling application in Larimer County, named Unicorn on its well application. The first date of the application was Nov 25, 2019. (see the application documents on the COGCC website). The application indicates that 15 fracking wells will be drilled from this same pad. It is located about a mile south of the Timnath Ranch residential development in southeast Larimer County; see the location map below. The original public comment period was for one month from the application date, or Dec 25, 2019.

Larimer Alliance applied through appropriate channels to the COGCC to get the comment period extended until Jan 11, 2020.

You can submit your comments about the application until Jan 11, 2020. Submit your online comments for this proposed well at:

See the photographs below for what the pad site and surrounding area looks like.

To ask questions to the Larimer Alliance community, you may apply to join our discussion forum by signing our Petition, if you have not done so already. If you want to send a question to the Larimer Alliance steering committee, send email to info [at]

Locational satellite map:

The location map in the application:

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The next three photos are where the drilling pad will be located: first, looking north on County Line Road (Latham Parkway):

Looking west:

Looking south:

The next two photos were taken about 0.1 mile north (about 600 ft).

Looking west:

Looking south: The house in the distance is at the end of the road from where the first three pictures were taken. The empty field is the likely location of the Unicorn pad.

Looking north: The machinery in the field in the distance are gas well heads (see next photo):

The image below is about another 0.1 miles north, at a service road entrance to the machinery visible in the previous photo:

These look like gas well heads of completed wells. Extraction is the same company on the application for the Unicorn well.

Looking east from the same spot: The residential houses in the distance are probably on Charlton Drive, in the Windshire Park development north of Windsor, about about half a mile away:

This last photo shows the southernmost houses in Timnath Ranch, a large residential development off of Harmony Road, in south Timnath. The location is just under a mile north of the previous photo...or about 1.1 miles north of the Unicorn well pad: