Pending Wells

This page is about any pending wells in Larimer County. If you see any errors, or know of pending information, please send an email to the Larimer Alliance listserv.

This map shows pending well applications in Larimer County, based on COGCC data as of February 27, 2020. (Updates will be made as appropriate.)

You can click on the pin markers to view that well's application on the COGCC website.

To see information specific to a well:

  • zoom the map to full size by clicking the open brackets [] in the upper right)

  • once full-sized in your browser, zoom in & out using mouse (scroll wheel, swiping, etc); move the map using click-&-drag via mouse (hold button, move mouse...)

  • in the left panel that appears, click the down arrowhead beside 'All items'

  • In the dropdown menu that appears, click [WELL-NAME-YOU'RE-INTERESTEDIN] at the bottom

  • Once clicked, data about the well appears in the left panel. In that list, see an enabled "Link" which will redirect to all the documents in the well application directly from the COGCC website