Folley #3 Well

The Larimer Alliance is concerned about a new well drilling application in Larimer County, named Folley North 3 on its well application.

This well proposal is currently in the application stage at the COGCC, and public comments can be made through February 21, 2020.

To make your comment about this well, click this link:

(last updated: 2/11/20)

Google map overview of well location: it is approximately 2.5 miles east of I-25 and .2 mile south of Route 34 on Larimer County Rd 1 (also known as Hi 13 or Colorado Blvd):


The site access map in the drilling application:

Folley 3 Road Access.pdf

The standard form 2A in the drilling permit:

Folley 3 Form 2A.pdf

The Hydrology map. Note the presence of nearby water wells:

Folley 3 Hydrology Map.pdf

The Facility Layout diagram:

Folley 3 Facility Layout.pdf