Global news

This page is the place to read about global news about fracking, and particularly how it can relate to Larimer County.

Fracking halted ahead of election over earthquake fears, Sky News, Nov 2, 2019

England's conservative government halts further fracking permits on fears of earthquakes it has caused.

Massachusetts accuses Exxon in lawsuit of climate change deceit, Reuters, Oct 24, 2019

Joining New York, the Attorney General of Massachusetts is going after Exxon-Mobil for deceiving investors in its hypocritical stance on climate change. This is gaining in international traction, and the lawsuits just keep piling on!

Fracking banned in Scotland with 'immediate effect', Oct 3, 2019, The Glasgow Herald

After six years of deliberation, Scotland's national energy planning office has decided that fracking has no place in the country's plans for dealing with climate change.