About our email groups

The Larimer Alliance has several email groups to supports its mission. This page will explain them, how to join them, and some guidelines on how to use them.

Our Email Groups

Each group's members below is included in the next group (listserv):

Steering Committee Group:

this is the core group of leadership of the Alliance. Anyone can join, if you are willing to devote the time necessary, and willing to deal with the ample amount of email traffic it requires, and attending its meetings, generally weekly, which can be attended remotely or in person. Steering committee members are expected to make occasional appearances to speak before the Larimer County Commissioners, who are our main focus of attention for the correct implementation of SB-181.

If you are interested in joining, send email to info@larimeralliance.org

Projects Group:

This is the next core group, dedicated to specific projects. Email traffic is much less. The purpose is to reach volunteers willing to help. You join this group by indicating you wish to be contacted to help when you join the General Group OR by going to the signup form on the website: Volunteer for Projects

General Group:

This is the general public listserv (electronic mailing list) that is for purposes of general information, sharing articles that you want to send out (which might get published on the website, under Resources). You join this group by signing our Petition. You have the option of being contacted, or not, when you join (which adds you to the Projects Group above). You can unsubscribe at any time, and control the amount of emails you want to receive, daily, weekly, etc. (see footer information in any email).

Email Guidelines

These guidelines are instructions on how to use the various groups: the purpose, usage and formatting of emails.

Subject Lines

Very important! Always start your emails to the Steering Committee or Projects Group with a short topic name (less than 20 characters, preferably), followed by a colon, then followed by any remaining title you wish to add.

The following codes are included in the subject lines:

  • Steering Committee group: [LA-SC]

  • Projects Group: [LA-VP]

  • General Group: none

Replying All vs replying individually

If you want to thank someone for something they did, please avoid Reply All; make the effort to reply individually, so as to avoid sending unnecessary emails.