Working Groups

The Larimer Alliance Steering Committee has developed the following working groups, in order to facilitate its ongoing mission of protecting Larimer County from the oil and gas industry. Your input and volunteer actions are welcome. The groups are explained below:


What is a working group? It is a loose collection of individuals interested in specific issue related to the Alliance's mission, who volunteer their time to split up the work and contribute to it. The working group reports its findings or ongoing activity to the Steering Committee (SC). Each working group needs to have a liaison to the SC.

Why were the working groups formed? Essentially, the working groups are a division of labor, and an opportunity for Alliance volunteers to help fulfill the Alliance mission. Joining a working group does not imply any formal commitment, so they are for volunteers to donate what time they wish to help, to feel part of our mission, and to learn more about the issue in which they are interested. The mission of the Alliance is broad, because it covers both implementation of SB-181 at the county level, as well as monitoring developments of state-level regulations at the three primary agencies involved in its implementation: the COGCC, AQCC and CDPHE (see further explanation below). As such, Working Groups provide opportunity to broaden the Alliance's focus and and clarify possibilities for participation.

What are the working groups, and how do they function? The Steering Committee decided to start using Slack in the fall of 2021. If you would like to see the current areas of interest for the various working groups, get the Slack app at, and search for Once you find our workspace, you can see the various Channels there, such as #air-quality-monitoring, #COGCC, etc. You are encouraged to join whatever channel that interests you. You can also send messages to other members of the workspace.

Please note that you will need to have signed up to join the listserv first, which you can do here.

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